Our Sales Philosophy

Ranked #1 Leading Consigor by % Stakes Winners June 2012

"Mill Ridge is a farm that produces countless good horses, so when you see a really good, well-made horse coming off a farm like Mill Ridge, you've got to pay attention." - John Ferguson

We are proud of our sales records, and realize that none of these would be possible without our clientele. Client trust is our highest priority, and honesty and integrity in all matters, are the foundation our sales agency is built upon. Sellers and buyers alike recognize that our reputation goes before us, and by partnering with us, they join a framework that has for years been held in high regard as ‘the Mill Ridge way.' Being mindful to put the horse's welfare to the forefront of every decision, with open communication and forthright advice — this is what sets Mill Ridge apart, and places our clients on a path toward success in every transaction.

Mill Ridge SalesWhy do sellers and buyers support Mill Ridge Sales?


Close communication allows for placing your horse in the appropriate sale, and the appropriate session
Boutique type setting allows for closer attention to detail and higher quality preparation
Perennially among the leading consignors by percentage of stakes winner
Thorough knowledge of the market
Low RNA rate
Perennially high sales success rate


Join a following of other buyers who trust in the Mill Ridge record of raising quality horses, with proven results on the racetrack